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"SEO Booster Pack - Get the Cheapest Top Quality PLR Articles"

You can now get the amazing SEO results with minimum effort and without spending a fortune!

From the desk of: Gabriel De Florio

How much have you invested in your website until now? Are “internet gurus” trying to trick you into paying thousands of dollars on SEO tools and resources?

How would you like to start making money investing a symbolic amount of $1?

My name is Gabriel De Florio. I am an Italian expert infomarketer with years of experience in the field, and in the following lines I will show you how you can obtain:

  1. Fresh content for your blogs and websites.

  2. Articles to publish on specialized directories and obtain valuable backlinks.

  3. Information you can spin and rewrite to obtain original content.

  4. The resources you need to create your own eBooks and make money selling them.

What does that mean? 

No More! No more paying a fortune on original content!

No More! No more wasting hours every day trying to come up with relevant text!

No More! No more investing hours to create a couple of poor quality backlinks!

No More! No more red eyes from the time you spend in front of your computer!

No More! No more complains about your loved ones regarding your busy schedule and the fact that you don’t spend time with them!

Think about it! What does Google love the most? Constant stream of fresh content and backlinks! 

High Quality Content

How much did you use to pay for an article? Would you willingly pay thousands of dollars for a professionally written sales letter? Of course, we all appreciate a good thing when we see it, but let’s face it: this crisis has brought everyone on his knees and finding out a great content at a competitive price it’s harder and harder. The recent disaster in Philippine country has knocked lots of ghost writers out and it has become more difficult for bloggers to produce first-rate items. In this context, monitoring and improving constantly their marketing campaigns seem impossible. Wouldn’t it be better to be dedicated to production of quality traffic for personal blog instead of having problems to create contents?

God knows how much time it will take before you can talk about profits. So why not go for something you can afford now and leave major investments for later (Between us, I have no doubt you will not want to invest in something after you see what I offer you, but let’s focus on the present)?

You can have a pack of ten incredible quality PLR articles from various niches to spice up your blogs and websites with. What does that mean? According to most IM specialists, not less than a couple of weeks in which you can forget all about writing or ordering fresh content. Just schedule the posts and put your time to better use.

Here are the 10 titles of the articles:

  1. 2 Tips to Finding the Right Insurance Plan for You
  2. Easy Weight Loss Tips for Dogs
  3. Efficient SEO for internet marketing
  4. get rich quick ideas
  5. Getting your ex back
  6. Important Things to Keep in Mind before Starting an Adult Acne Treatment
  7. Reasons behind the failure of a website
  8. What Is a B2B Directory and What Are Its Advantages?
  9. Why do you need internet for marketing?
  10. Why does internet marketing fail?

High Quality Backlinks

How many times has the Panda Update messed up your plans? I know quite a few fellow marketers who lost their favorite spot in SERPS despite the thousands of backlinks they were building every month.

How is that possible? Well, it appears that the spotted bear is very demanding and has developed a certain taste for fresh original content and backlinks coming from articles directories, and quite an aversion for those outside one’s niche. Quite sad, isn’t it?

Not really! You have an excellent set of 10 PLR articles you can publish on articles directories with your name and website in the resource box.

No one will ever question your rights over these articles. While you spend time with your loved ones or you look for other ways to increase your profits, these articles will get you the backlinks you so much desire.

Let me say that the articles are 100% Copyscape passed and Grammarly checked!

Let’s Talk Business!

Nothing is for free in this life, so I have to charge something for my work, something to make me feel it wasn’t in vain. But I also know how costly it is to invest in your IM business, and how extremely difficult it is, especially for beginners, to come up with the money they need for SEO purposes; so, I decided I should only charge the symbolic amount of 1$ for a pack of 10 high quality PLR articles.

It would take you more just to have these articles typed or multiplied, it is probably less than the tip you leave to your favorite waitress or to the pizza delivery boy, but we have to start from somewhere, don’t you agree?

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive an email with the link from where you can download the package. It is as simple as that!


"Hi my friend,

Let me say one stupid thing: the perfect deal! All this material for only one buck? 'It's impossible', I tought... But you have shocked me! 

The articles are very good and the bonuses fantastic! You simply underpromise and overdeliver: good job!"

– Mike JD Warren,

There Is More!

I bet you weren’t expecting something like this, but to show you that I really believe in you and I want to make sure you take full advantage of the PLR articles you buy from me, I will include, for FREE, 'Gabriel's Way to PLR: From Scratch to a PLR Hero!', a 7-lesson digital course that will teach you everything you need to know about PLR content and how to obtain the best results using it.

Gabriel's Way to PLR

Nothing to Lose and So Much to Win!

What’s 1$? Almost nothing! With or without it, your credit card looks the same. So how about you invest basically nothing and you get this incredible SEO booster pack?

You can look anywhere you want, for as long as you wish, and you won’t find a better offer, without even considering the 7-lessons course worth tens of dollars. So stop wasting time and order now, to take advantage of this lifetime opportunity!

An Even Better Deal!

A dollar is not much, but to show you that I know how hard money is made, especially when you are just building your way in internet marketing, I decided to offer you an even better deal:

You Have My 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

That means that you can make use of my articles for 30 days and, if you’re not happy with their quality or the results they provide, I’ll pay you back every penny, without you having to provide any explanations.

Guarantee Shield

That’s how much I trust my work and your ability to use it well!

What I am selling here is not a bunch of poorly written articles no one will ever read, but a collection of useful information that will make your websites/blogs attractive, not just to Google, but to visitors as well. I am offering you SEO guidance, tools and resources, so order while there is still time!

To Your Success and may God Bless You,
- Gabriel De Florio


P.S.: This is a limited time offer and chances are that the price will go wild! Don’t risk your business for only a lousy $1!

P.S.S.: This is YOUR Chance for Success and YOUR Success in Online Business!!




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